HELP YOUR CHILD MAKE SENSE OF MATHS: Practical methods to use at home

How to help your child when they have difficulty with numbers, calculations and problem solving, including dyscalculia

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What’s In This Course

Does your child get easily confused with numbers and sums, find it hard to remember facts, e.g. times tables, and struggle learning how to use maths in their every day lives, such as being able to tell the time?

Do they find ways to avoid activities involving numbers, become anxious about maths homework or get distressed because they find learning so hard?

Do you want to find out how children learn maths concepts, better understand dyscalculia, and know what to say and do when supporting your child develop their maths skills at home?

If your answers are YES then this SEN Bitesize course is perfect for you!

For parents and carers of children aged 5-10 years.

Understand the thinking and memory skills behind how children learn maths

Know about the key concepts that will help your child develop their numeracy, calculation and problem solving skills

Receive 6 activity programmes to follow that are based on play, creativity and interaction, making it easier to engage your child in home learning

Better understand dyscalculia and know the best evidence-based approaches to use when supporting your child

Take away my 10 top tips for how to motivate and engage your child in learning maths

How This Course Will Help You

Did you know that 5-6% of children have dyscalculia? This is a specific learning difficulty that makes it hard for a child to understand and work with numbers, often leading to anxiety, frustration and low confidence.

Clients often tell me they want to help their child but don’t know how. Do you feel daunted or stressed when trying to support your child in making sense of maths? With SEN Bitesize, help is at hand!

This course will give you an understanding of the thinking and memory processes involved in learning maths, and how you can support your child in developing these skills at home.

Plus, there are video demonstrations and 6 activity programmes you can use to teach your child key maths concepts through play, games and creativity, making learning fun for you both!

Short of time? No problem. This course is delivered through a series of bitesize videos that you can watch in under an hour, and fit in around your lifestyle.

Watch this sample video where I explain some myths and facts about dyscalculia.

What Parents Say

Here’s what parents and carers say about SEN Bitesize courses:

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Section 1: Welcome and what you’ll learn

Section 2: The foundations needed for children to learn maths

Section 3: Essential skills that help children with calculations

Section 4: How children make connections and problem solve

Section 5: Dyscalculia: Signs, facts and how to help

Section 6: Top tips and resources

Section 7: Thank you and slides

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