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Current availability for assessments is June/July

Joint Working

Wondering who can help your child?

Watch this video to hear Hannah and some of her colleagues explain their work and how they support children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

You can use the list of times below to find the video for a specific professional:

00:10 Educational Psychologist

04:02 Speech and Language Therapist 

07:14 Occupational Therapist 

10:33 Neurodevelopmental Paediatrician 

13:21 Physiotherapist 

15:34 Clinical Audiologist

17:18 Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon

18:55 Children’s Therapy Services 

21:52 Clinical Psychologist

23:14 Behavioural Optometrist 

27:52 Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist 

31:30 Paediatric Neurologist

35:24 Social Worker

37:56 Specialist Teacher 

41:11 SEND Advocate

You can also watch free talks from Hannah and some of her colleagues, at the EdPsych4Kids You Tube channel: @edpsych4kids

Hannah works closely with a range of professionals from education, health and care services. 

Please find below a list of some trusted organisations:

ADHD Coach: Indigo Hub –

ADHD Parent Support: Yellow Sun –

Audiologist: Chears –

Audiologist: The Hearing Clinic –

Autism Parent Support and Advisory Teacher: Reachout ASC –

Behavioural Optometrist: Eyezone –

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist (including ADHD assessment): Dr Joshua Westbury –

Children’s Counselling and Therapies (including autism assessment): The Butterfly Room –

Clinical Psychologist: Dr Natalie Flatter –

ENT Surgeon: Mr Elliot Benjamin –

Neurodevelopmental Paediatrician: Dr Inyang Takon –

Neurologist: Dr Tammy Hedderly –

Occupational Therapist, including sensory integration: Kids In Sync –

Occupational Therapist, including sensory integration: Tarynn Heasley – Email to:

Paediatrician: Dr Su Laurent –

SEND Advocacy Services: SENSAS –

Social Worker: Curtis Powell – Email to:

Speech and Language Therapist: Karen Massey –

Speech and Language Therapist: Little Orchard Children –

Speech and Language Therapist: Magic Words –

Tutors and Advisory Teachers: ASEND –


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