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Current availability for assessments is July/August

Please follow the steps below to refer your child for an assessment. If you have any questions about the assessment process, take a look at the Assessment FAQ  page.


1. Download Forms


This is the quickest way to make a referral.

Click the button to download a Referral Form and Parent/Carer Information Form. These forms help me to plan what tests to use.

The fees are listed on the Referral Form.

There is also a School/Nursery Information Form to be completed by your child’s educational setting. I do not carry out assessments without School/Nursery involvement. If you have any concerns with regards to this, please telephone to discuss further. This form is not required for children who are home educated.

Please read the second set of instructions below BEFORE submitting the referral forms. Thank you.

Click here to download the referral forms


2. Complete and Email Forms


Please read carefully to avoid delaying your child’s assessment.

What should be emailed?

If you would like to proceed with an assessment, please email all 3 forms, then we can set a date. Please check to ensure you answer all questions on the forms. Home educated children do not need a School/Nursery Information form completed.

If your child has recently started a new school, or your child has recently started home education, please ask their previous setting to also complete the School/Nursery Information form, and let me know if there are any problems arranging this.

If your child has an EHCP and/or reports from other professionals, please also send these through with the referral forms. It is particularly important that I see reports with test scores and/or diagnoses, even if they are from when your child was much younger.

Where will the assessment take place?

Most assessments take place at my home (J22 of the M25), but some children require their assessments to take place at home or school. I will confirm the location after reading the referral forms.

Is a school observation required?

If there are concerns regarding social skills or aggressive/unusual behaviours, then an observation at school is advised, otherwise this is optional. It may not be possible for me to observe your child if their school location is further than I travel for work. I will advise further once I have read the referral forms.

Assessment dates will only be offered after all the documents listed above have been received, with all sections completed and forms signed.

Referral forms were updated on 16th February 2024. Please ensure you have downloaded the latest versions. Email the completed forms directly to

Click here to download the referral forms

If you need help to read or type on the forms, please telephone me: 07540 529661