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Help Through Understanding

Hannah Morris

Independent Educational Psychologist

Assessment, training and consultancy services to help with understanding children’s learning, behaviour and development.

Understanding Your Child

Understanding is the first step in knowing how to help your child. An Educational Psychologist (EP) can help in understanding a child’s learning, development and behaviour in relation to their education.

Thinking and Learning

Understand how your child learns and what can help them to make progress at school. Find out about their strengths and intelligence. Identify why they might not pay attention or remember information, including assessment of learning difficulties.

Emotions and Behaviours

Children often show how they are feeling through their behaviours, and sometimes develop unhealthy ways to cope if they are overwhelmed. Gain insight into your child’s view of their world, and how to promote their mental health and wellbeing.

Language, Communication and Social Skills

Discover more about how your child understands others and expresses their thoughts and feelings. Get advice on helping your child if they struggle with talking, following instructions or friendships.

Movement and the Senses

The way your child makes sense of information taken in through their senses, and how they control their movements, can affect their learning and behaviours. Explore how to support your child in these areas.

Medical Conditions and Neurodiversity

Does your child have a particular condition that means their development is delayed or their brain works differently? Access information about how they can be supported to thrive in education.

Adversity and Resilience

Sometimes children experience distressing situations that can hinder their development and damage their wellbeing. Get guidance on what your child needs to cope and build their inner strength for recovery.

What Clients Say

Feedback from families, schools and other organisations

Hannah has experience helping families and schools understand and support children in areas such as:

* Maths and dyscalculia
* Reading, spelling, writing and dyslexia
* Motor skills and developmental coordination/dyspraxia
* Moderate learning difficulties
* Gifted intelligence
* Tourettes and tics
* Autism

* Emotions and behaviour
* Sensory integration
* Early Years
* Speech, language and communication
* Bullying
* Processing and memory
* Planning and organisation
* Revision and exams

* Trauma and bereavement
* Attachment, fostering and adoption
* Mental health, including anxiety, depression, selective mutism and self-harm
* Down’s Syndrome
* Cerebral Palsy
* Deaf and hearing loss, including glue ear
* Blind and partially sighted

Training and Consultancy Services

Online courses, bespoke training and expert guidance.

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Are you keen to develop your knowledge and understanding for supporting children with special educational needs and disabilities, in education settings and the wider community?

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